Receptacle Outlets Overloading safety

receptacle outlets overloading safety

Receptacle Outlets Overloading Safety

Receptacle Outlets Overloading safety. Do you have enough receptacles outlets in your home living space? Or, are you running extension cords all around your house. Not having the right amount of receptacle outlets in your home can pose a safety risk. Furthermore, it can start an electrical fire. Especially if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip

Receptacle Ratings

your home has 15 or 20 amp receptacles. The wire is usually rated for 20 amps. In older homes, you may find 15 amp wiring. Also, there is usually no grounding wire in the circuit carrying conductors. Therefore this will create more potential safety or fire hazard.

Purpose of the Grounding wire Receptacle Outlets Overloading safety

First of all, The purpose of the grounding wire. This is for when any live wires come in contact with any metal. Also metal enclosures. As a result, this will trip the circuit breaker. Furthermore, It will also protect you from electrocution should any of the metal parts become live. Therefore, overloading your receptacle outlets not knowing if they are grounded or not is a double disadvantage to your safety


Your wiring, your devices, and the grounding system all play a crucial role in keeping you and your home safe. Therefore why not follow up with it? You can check the receptacle outlets yourself. to see if they grounded or not. Just purchase a receptacle tester at any hardware or home depot store. To do the test just plug it into the receptacle outlet. Compare to the chart on the receptacle tester. That’s it.

Licensed Electrician

In conclusion, contact a licensed electrician if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself. They will check your wiring, receptacles, and grounding system. Furthermore, they will also check the full load current on each receptacle outlet home run

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