Tips Installing Christmas Lights Safely

Tips Installing Christmas Lights

Tips Installing Christmas Lights Safely.



Here are some tips on installing Christmas lights. You should use caution when installing Christmas lights inside or outside your house. Before you hang your Christmas lights, there are several things you should educate yourself with. Know the rating of your Christmas lights. Don’t look for bargain lights. They may pose a fire hazard. You should only purchase Christmas lights that have a UL label on them. These Christmas lights should have a safety rating marked on the packaging and also on the electrical cord. Furthermore, If you install Christmas lights outside your house, make sure that they are marked and suitable for outdoor use.

Choosing Location

Never hang lights near space heaters, fireplaces, or loose paper. Also, stay away from flammable materials.


Never use nails, staples or tacks to hang your Christmas lights. Use plastic wire ties or plastic anchors suitable for the application.

Extension Cord Use

If you are going to use extension cords, make sure that they are grounded and you do not exceed the current carrying capacity of the cord. If you need to use extension cords outside, make sure that they are marked and rated for outdoor use. Furthermore, always use a GFCI receptacle outlet when installing Christmas lights outside your home.

Extension Cords Exposed

Always run your extension cords where they won’t cause a tripping hazard. Make sure you leave plenty of slack when running your extension cord so that you can shape it into corners and edges.

Away From Home

Never leave your Christmas lights on when you are going away, or when you are asleep. Also, have someone on hand to avoid damage, injury or fire.

Replacing Light Bulbs

Always replace light bulbs as soon as they burn out. And make sure that they are the same wattage. Never operate Christmas lights with empty light sockets.

Child Safety

When installing your Christmas lights, keep them out of reach of children. They like shiny objects and playing with them can be dangerous.

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