Amplified Buzzing Noise Interior

amplified Buzzing Noise Interior

Amplified Buzzing Noise Interior

Do you hear an amplified buzzing noise in your interior wall? most likely the buzzing noise is coming from a receptacle device. You may have a loose connection in one of your receptacle outlets, switches, or even in one of your lighting fixtures. Especially when your circuit is daisy-chained. A lot of times you will find that your receptacle outlets are daisy-chained and they are stab connected into the back of the receptacle. This may be an easy quick install, but it is not necessarily safe.  Over time this connection will become loose and start to the arc. This buzzing noise that you hear in the wall is actually the loose wires that are arcing in the receptacle.

 Daisy-Chained vs Pigtail

The difference between daisy-chain and pigtail. For example, the daisy chain is where you are wiring two wires into the receptacle outlet. Also, you are wiring two wires out of the receptacle out. This wiring method is quick and easy. The only thing wrong with it is that if one of your receptacle outlets burnout, all the other devices on that circuit will no longer operate. On the other hand, if you pigtail your receptacle outlets. and one outlet should burn out, you will still have power to all the electrical devices on that circuit.

Pigtail Better Connection

Pigtailing gives you a much better connection because the circuit does not continue through the receptacle outlet. It flows through the wiring pigtail. Therefore there are only two wires feeding the receptacle outlet. This wiring method takes longer to install but it will be much worth it in the long run. Above all, you won’t have to open up each and every receptacle outlet when one goes bad. You will know which one it is because it will have no power going to it.

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