Licensed Electrician Services in Suffolk County New York


Licensed Electrician Services

Upgrade Electric, licensed electrician services in Suffolk County, NY. We provide superior customer service.

We offer first-rate electrical wiring updates. Circuit breaker panels. GFCI receptacles for your home and business.  Our pros assure you that you’re getting a fair price. 

Our efficient electricians only use high-grade professional electrical panels.

Renovating your kitchen, get recessed lighting, energy-efficient LEDs. In addition, saving your money is always in style.

Our customers trust us to improve their property. Above all, we treat their homes and businesses with respect.

We’re committed to delivering the finished outcome. We promise our clients. That is our pledge to you.

We stay true to our core values. In addition, by fulfilling our client’s visions. With detail as we work swiftly.

Upgrade Electric takes pride. Moreover contributes to the safety of homes and businesses. One client at a time. Feel confident as we can troubleshoot any electrical mystery.

For example, buzzing noise in a wall. Is there a burning smell around your electrical devices? Are circuit breakers tripping? In addition. Do lights flicker? Especially when you turn on the AC.

Moreover, maybe you have ungrounded receptacle outlets. Our Electricians are experienced in every facet. We are masters of the electrical trade. You will be pleased when you hire Upgrade Electric. Moreover, to their expertise in residential and commercial services.

In addition, we provide you with custom manuals and support. 

Above all, this assures you of maximum security. We proudly stand behind every project we perform.

Moreover, with Upgrade electric you’ll have peace of mind. Suffolk County’s preferred licensed electrician services. And our promise is our commitment.

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If you’re a new customer. Or our electrical services interest you. Even more, We would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to call us. Rather, use our contact form.  Reach out to us for any reason. We are responsive and ready to answer your questions.  Our technicians are certified and experienced.  Also, we are passionate about every project.  We take pride in building lifelong relationships.   Contact Upgrade Electric today for a free visual estimate. We believe that looking at the job. This will guarantee a fair quote.

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