What Are Gas Generators

What are Gas Generators

The gas generators work by burning natural gas, diesel, or other fuels to produce hot exhaust gases. Gas generators are used when there is no access to an electrical grid. They also come in handy during blackouts or before the construction of an electric grid can take place.

What are the Different Types of Gas-Powered Generators?

There are 2 types of gas-powered generators: gas engines and internal combustion engines. Gas-powered generators are used for a temporary power outage, power at remote sites, standby power, and emergency backup. Internal combustion engines are used in conjunction with diesel or gasoline fuel to produce electricity. They are more efficient than gas turbines but less efficient than diesel generators. Gas turbines are more efficient than internal combustion engines. They require high octane fuel like jet fuel to operate efficiently.

Why Would You Need A Portable Generator?

Generators in the power and construction industries are essential in providing power when needed. Portable generators, on the other hand, are much more convenient and useful in terms of portability and versatility. Portable generators can be used in various places. Such as homes, outdoors for camping trips, tailgating parties, events, concerts, and festivals.  Generators at construction sites tend to be large and stationary. This is because they need to provide a lot of power to operate machines. Such as saws and nail guns at the site. Portable generators instead only need to provide enough power for a few tools. This means they can be much smaller than their counterparts in the industry.

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What are Gas Generators

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