Keeping you safe from lightning striking outside

Keeping you safe from lightning striking outside


Keeping you safe from lightning striking outside. You’re getting ready for work, but hear thunder far away and think, “I’ll take a quick shower.”You just experienced a storm roll through your neighborhood, but it seems to be moving away. So is it OK to put a load of laundry in the wash? Outside your home, you see lightning flashes. Although an enclosed building is one of the best places to ride out a storm, steps you can be taken to keep your family safe. It wouldn’t be fun to be in the bathroom when lightning strikes your lawn and your toilet erupts. Your plumbing and wiring can come into contact with lightning, telephone lines, and even a TV radio wire on your rooftop.

Keeping you safe from lightning striking outside

A strike from to the furthest extent than 10 miles away can introduce a genuine risk. Here are the means by which to remain safe:

Do not wash your hands, take showers, or bathe as lightning can strike your plumbing.
As lightning travels through wires to get to the ground, you should avoid being near anything plugged in. Likewise, you should unplug all electronics before you sleep if there’s a chance of thunderstorms.
At the very least, avoid using a TV, computer, washer, dryer, and corded phone. During a storm, however, don’t unplug anything since you might be struck by lightning. When lightning strikes your electronics, surge protectors do little to protect them. Lightning carries a lot of energy so it will overpower any opposition. Avoid metal frames and windows. A metal frame around an exterior window or door conducts electricity.

Also, avoid touching anything metallic inside or outside a car. Lighting can strike the frame before going into the ground. But, again, the metal roof and sides of the vehicle protect you, not the rubber tires. During a storm, you want to close your windows. Stay away from open garages, carports, balconies, and porches. Keep your blinds closed in case of strong winds and hail that can break your windows. It will protect you from glass and debris entering your home. Please stay away from concrete floors and walls as they are a conductor of electricity. Keeping you safe from lightning striking outside is your top priority.

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