Upgrading to a 200 amp service-What you should know

Upgrading to a 200 amp service-What you should know

Upgrading to a 200 amp service

 If you live in a rural area, you likely have 100 amp electrical service. But what if you need more power to run your appliances? Would upgrading to 200 amp service be suitable for your home? Living in urban or suburban areas, are unlikely to have anything less than 100-amp service. However, if you live in a rural area, there is a high probability that you have substandard electrical services. If so, we are here to help! Please keep reading to discover why so many people upgrade their electrical services from 100 amps to 200 amps and learn about some of the pros and cons of doing so.

What You Should Know Before Upgrading to 200 Amp Service

Before any significant renovation begins, you should list everything you want to know. This is true for electrical service upgrades as well. What size wire do I need? The size of your current wiring will likely determine the size of the wire you need for your 200 amp service. When you jump to a 200 amp service, be sure to use copper wire. While aluminum wire can handle 80-amp service, it’s not safe for use on 200 amp service. If you don’t already have copper wire in your house, you’ll need to hire an electrician to install it. What breaker type and amperage do you have? If you don’t know, you need to find out before upgrading to a 200 amp service.

3 Pros of a 200 Amp Service

 Better reliability – The number one reason people upgrade their electrical service is to improve reliability. With 200 amp service, you’re less likely to experience power outages due to high demand on your system. In addition, you’ll be better equipped to handle power-hungry appliances like a water heater, well pump, and central AC system. Less risk of fire – Another big reason people upgrade their electrical service is to lower the fire risk. With less power flowing through the wires, there’s less risk of overheating and fire. This is why the National Fire Protection Association recommends that homeowners use a 200 amp service if they have a high demand for electricity in their homes. More power for your money – Since you’ll be paying for more power, most people assume they’ll end up paying more on their electrical bills.

However, you can save money by upgrading to a 200 amp service. This is because your system will be more efficient, which will lead to lower power bills.

2 Cons of a 200 Amp Service

There are many benefits to upgrading your electrical service. But there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of as well. The first con to upgrading to a 200 amp service is the upfront cost. This is especially true if you have an older home that requires a new electrical panel or wiring installed. While there are ways to save on installation costs, overall, you can expect to pay more for a 200 amp upgrade. May require a permit – Another con of upgrading to 200 amp service is that you may require a Permit. If you’re adding new wiring or installing a new electrical panel, you may need to get a permit from the city. This is because the addition of new wiring may affect your neighbors. If you plan on doing a large-scale wiring upgrade, you may need to get a permit from your county.


 Check all your options before deciding on a 200 amp service upgrade. With 200 amp service, you’ll have more power and better reliability. You’ll also be able to install power-hungry appliances like central air conditioning, a water heater, and a large microwave. However, the upgrade will cost you a good chunk of change upfront and may require a permit. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your options when making this decision.

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