What is a Smart WiFi Circuit Breaker ?

smart wifi circuit breaker

A smart wifi circuit breaker is a device that can control on and off triggers. This is done through ISC when connected in other words to a WiFI network. Moreover, this wifi circuit breaker can be used to monitor and control short circuits. Also overload protection. Under-voltage and over-voltage protection. From anywhere in the world. Moreover, This wifi circuit breaker is compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa through voice recognition. In addition, You can schedule the on and off triggers from your mobile phone. For instance, if you have an appliance that you would like to turn off throughout the day, this can be integrated right into your cellphone. Above all this wifi circuit breaker will transform your home wiring into a smart automation system.



Available in single pole, double pole, three poles, and four-pole. The current rating is 10 amps to 125 amp max. the rated voltage is 230 volts AC for 1 pole and 2 poles. 400 volts for 3 poles and 4 poles.


Smart WiFI Circuit Breaker Construction

This smart wifi circuit breaker is the same as the breakers you have installed in your home now. The only difference is that the wifi circuit breaker has an antenna for a wifi signal connected to a switch.


Installing The Wifi Circuit Breaker

There is no difference in installing this circuit breaker.  The only difference is that the wifi circuit comes with an antenna.  This is for remote triggering through your cellphone.


Pairing Your Wif Circuit Breaker

After installing the wifi circuit breaker, install the android app by scanning the bar code on the box the device came in. In addition, pair your device and set any automatic operations. Above all, If you are not sure how to install and configure the wifi circuit breaker with your smartphone, Contact a licensed electrician.



  • Electric heaters
  • Motors
  • AC units
  • Fans
  • Bulbs
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines


The wifi circuit breaker can turn your home into complete automation. In addition to its overload protection and scheduled on and off remote settings. The ability to monitor under voltage and overvoltage. Also, connect google and amazon integration. Moreover, your home will be on complete auto piolet. For even more information on this product click on the image below.

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smart wifi circuit breaker


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