New Trends in the Electrical Industry

New Trends in the Electrical Industry


Electrical technology is constantly shaping the industry, allowing us to rethink ways to design cities, build infrastructure, and consume energy. As more and more innovations hit the market, it can be difficult to stay current with this industry-changing technology. The next decade will be shaped by the following ten factors. Energy storage has been one of the most important trends in the electrical industry this year. In addition to being an essential component of the grid’s future, this technology is growing to become a favorite resource for consumers. Not only because of how it can help reduce energy waste but also because it can save consumers money. The consumer wants more control over his or her energy. In general, however, the existing infrastructure is not conducive to this type of movement.

New Trends in the Electrical Industry

It will take some time for utilities to optimize their involvement in energy storage.  Policy-driven policy developments should help accelerate the adoption of energy storage technology. As a matter of fact, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has already established a “Pay-for-Performance” pricing structure. This will motivate the development of energy storage technologies. In addition to bringing stability to the U.S. energy grid. It could also be a cost-effective option for commercial use. Despite the possibility of a 100% renewable energy grid. It will require a massive amount of energy storage to meet energy demands during dips in production. In the meantime, consumers can begin investing in a battery to give them greater independence from the grid. The PWRcell from Generac gives residents the ability to reduce their energy usage during power outages. And protect themselves from peak-rate charges.


There will be a 57% increase in energy demand by 2050, according to the Energy Information Administration. As consumers and businesses seek to reduce carbon emissions, as well as save money, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important. The production of energy is a major source of carbon emissions worldwide. But with renewable energy becoming more efficient and gaining a larger share of overall U.S. energy production. This should change with new trends in the electrical industry.

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