IDOLCAM Silver Package-3 Camera

IDOLCAM Silver Package-3 Camera


IDOLCAM Silver Package-3 Camera is a do anything, go anywhere palm-sized 4k camera. This gives video enthusiasts all the tools needed to produce powerful visuals like the Pros. It comes with many features like magnetic snap-on interchangeable lenses, a built-in three-axis stabilizer, custom mics, snap-on lights, everything for the travel enthusiast. Moreover, everything you need to become a filmmaker at an affordable price. All included in this one revolutionary camera that is blowing up on social media. In addition, Idolcam features ambarella 4K video processing technology. This will lower power consumption. Moreover, a Sony sensor with 4k video and 16MP photos. Stunning color, and details that capture up to 100mbps 4k video. 3-Axis automatic stabilizer means you get smooth movements and transitions built into the camera itself. Further, connect your control device to control the camera remotely.

Easily interchangeable lenses and lighting systems remove the guesswork from switching out equipment while filming. And with the 180-degree flip screen, you can use it as a selfie cam or regular camera.

About IDOLCAM Silver Package-3 Camera

  • IDOLCAM Silver Package-3 Camera is like a miniaturized Hollywood movie camera that comes with a three-axis gimbal, interchangeable lenses. In addition, lighting and a flip-screen combined into one compact and powerful device. furthermore, IDOLCAM gives you boundless versatility and helps you excel in vlogging and video content creations.
  • 3 AXIS GIMBAL STABILIZATION: 3 axis gimbal produce more natural-looking stabilization and higher image quality than EIS (digital image stabilization). Above all, what can be better than an easy selfie camera? Flip-screen allows you to switch between vlogging and POV easily.
  • MAGNETIC INTERCHANGEABLE LENS: One-of-a-kind lens mounting system leveraging the readily available M12 lens from the action camera and security camera industry- making lens changes a snap!
  • SILVER PACKAGE: This bundle includes accessories, including a battery and a ring light to fill in shadows and much more

          IDOLCAM Silver Package Includes:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal Camera
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • Protective Hard Case
  • Beauty Light
  • Battery
  • USB
  • Micro SD
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty



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