How much should I spend on a receptacle outlet?

how much should I spend on a receptacle outlet?

How much should I spend on a receptacle outlet? You have to remember that cheap outlets are just that. They are made with cheap materials, unlike the more—expensive ones. Rated at 15 amps. have the same look on the outside, but it’s the inside you should be concerned about. The contacts are of thin metal. Over a short period, the plug will get loose, the outlet will start to heat up and melt from the inside out, and the plug will eventually fall out. This receptacle outlet could become a fire hazard.

Depending on where you will be installing, this receptacle outlet is a consideration. For example, if you replace one outlet in your home that you don’t use much, the cheaper outlet should be ok. But if you are changing out all of the receptacle outlets in your home that you are constantly plugging and unplugging, you may want to use the expensive outlet. If you are using these outlets for appliances in your house other than in your kitchen, you may want to install the more expensive one. The cheaper outlet is not a violation of the NEC. They are legal to install.

How much should I spend on a receptacle outlet?

There are many applications and configurations to choose from when deciding how much I should spend on a receptacle outlet?. There are outlets rated for 15,20,30,50 amp, and so on. The design on the receptacle outlets shows which way the blades are facing. However, if you change out a 15 or 20 amp receptacle outlet, there is no need to worry about configurations. They are all the same. When you decide to change out your receptacle outlets, make sure that they are all grounded. A grounded receptacle is the most important when installing a new receptacle outlet. If there is no ground wire in your electrical box wiring, you will have to install one. If this is overwhelming for you, you should contact a licensed electrician.


To sun it up when thinking about how much I should spend on a receptacle outlet depends on your situation.  And all of the above will help you choose the best option. Just remember that the safety of you and your family will always come first.

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