Do You Know Your Circuit Breaker Box?

Do You Know Your Circuit Breaker Box?

Getting to know your circuit breaker box is not as hard as you think. It will usually have one big switch and a bunch of small switches. The big switch is called the main breaker. It’s the breaker that is getting power from your utility company, which is running outside. If you don’t see this main breaker inside your circuit breaker panel, you will probably look at a sub-panel. The small switches inside your circuit breaker panel are for your branch circuits. These branch circuits send power to individual devices such as lighting, receptacles appliances, etc. These switches are rated from 15 to 20 amps. The circuit breakers protect your wiring devices from fault. If there is a problem with one of your devices, the circuit breaker will trip. Often, you won’t know if a circuit breaker has tripped because of the design.

So you will have to check to see if it is in the on position. If you find that one of your circuit breakers has a loose feeling in them, the circuit breaker has tripped. Push the switch to the off position. Then turn it back on. The main circuit breaker is in case you have an emergency in your home. If you switch this circuit breaker off, the house will lose power.
What is the Labeling in your panel?
Labeling your panel is one of the most important things you should be aware of. Somebody might label your circuit breaker panel, but is the Labeling correct. Check by flicking one of your circuit breakers off and see if it is accurate. If the label isn’t precise, chances are you will have to relabel the circuit breaker panel.

Extra Slots In Your Circuit Breaker Panel. Do You Know Your Circuit Breaker Box?

If you see extra slots in your circuit breaker panel, this means that you can add additional circuits. You will also, at times, find that you have circuit breakers inside your panel not being used.

Duble pole Circuit Breakers

Uses for double pole circuits are for microwave, dryer, water heater, AC unit, etc. these circuit breakers have wider switches.


If you have a giant circuit breaker box and a small circuit breaker box, this is called a sub-panel. Usually added if you run out of room in the main panel.

In conclusion, this is the gist of your electrical box. So I hope you will know more about your circuit breaker box next time you have a minor problem.

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