Motion Sensor Light Bulb Outdoor/Indoor


Motion Sensor Light Bulb Outdoor/Indoor

The motion sensor light bulb has a built-in motion and photosensor. The dusk to dawn light bulb will light up automatically within 12 to 18 feet with motion. . The LED motion sensor bulb will remain on when it detects continuous motion. The energy-saving light bulb uses 90% less energy than the conventional light bulb. It will last 30,000 hours with an estimated $1.08 energy cost per year(based on 3hrs/day). They are used for many applications, such as indoors and outdoors, especially over outside doors, garages, stairs, and hallways. The beauty of this lED motion sensor light bulb is that you don’t need any additional devices.
Moreover, you don’t need to change out your light fixtures. All you will need to do is change out your light bulb.

Installing this LED motion sensor light bulb will save you time and also money down the road. LED light bulbs have design flexibility. With their small design, LED light bulbs can be used in any application. Available in a wide range of color temperatures (CCT). The LED light only emits light up to 180 degrees. The conventional light bulb emits light up to 360 degrees. This will drive up the cost because the device is less efficient. You want to light up the room, not the ceiling. With the LED light bulb, there is no traditional glass surrounding the bulb. They are solid-state. Fully UV and mercury-free LED products help you protect the environment by cutting carbon dioxide emissions when using 40% less energy. With the high luminous efficiency and excellent dimmable function without flickering, LEDs enable you to create your own atmosphere and also protect your eyes.

Motion Sensor Light Installation

Turn off the power before screwing in the LED light bulb. Make sure the motion sensor light is pointing down within proper distance and angle.


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